The Biggest Online Marketing Mistake That’s Costing YOU money!

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I recently had a client come to me to look over their online strategy and make recommendations on how they could make more sales online. After looking through a few pieces of information (Google Analytics, their creative assets, and click-through rates) it was easy to see that they were making 1 large mistake that was costing them hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month in sales. For the sake of helping others out there make more money every month on their advertising spend, I thought I’d share with you The Biggest Online Marketing Mistake That’s Costing YOU money!

What’s the biggest online marketing mistake?

Hands down the mistake I see most often that is costing businesses a lot of money when it comes to an online marketing/advertising campaign on Facebook, LinkedIn, Adwords or just through posting about your products/services through Social Media is sending traffic directly to a home page or product page of a website instead of sending traffic to a landing page.

For Example- I came across this Advertisement for SDSU’s Executive EMBA Program:

EMBA Ad on LinkedIn

I clicked on the advertisement and this is the page it brought me to:

 SDSU LandingPage1

SDSU LandingPage2

What’s wrong with this? Well for starters, even if this Ad is seeing an average click-through-rate for banner advertising of .025% or higher (which is industry average), they make it difficult for one to get more information or become a qualified lead. They have too many calls to actions on the page and ways for a visitor to get distracted once they land on the page- a visitor could click on any of the links in the sidebar- register for more information about an upcoming event, watch a video, click to the SDSU home site, etc.

What could they do to increase their conversion rates and make this landing page better?

  1. Send people to a separate page that relates to the copy in the advertisement- For Example: The title of the landing page might be “Sharpen Your Business Tools, Acquire New Ones”
  2. There should be bulleted benefit statements that relate to the value of getting your executive MBA program. Or elaborating on their value of their ad copy of sharpening your business tools and acquiring new ones. Examples of benefit statements might be: Investing in an Executive MBA program makes you more money in the future or that you will be learning a different set of skills that you wouldn’t be able to get for your corporate career.
  3. There should be a form on the landing page that lets a visitor easily give you his or her contact information so that someone will be able to follow up with this lead.
  4. They should remove the header, footer and side navigation and only leave you with 1 call to action, which would be to fill out the form.

Now lets take a look at a more effective ad and landing page combination to see the difference:

On the right hand side you’ll see an ad for a “Definitive CEO Dashboards.”


Clicking on the ad brought me to this landing page:


What’s better about this page?

The title of the page relates to the CEO audience and the copy on the landing page talks about the benefit of “having all the date you care about on one intuitive dashboard.” The only call to action on the page is to fill out the form to get “an exclusive product demo.”

In conclusion

If you follow the general rules of thumb outlined above on how to make your landing page better, you should see an increase in conversions. Just remember never send an advertisement to your home page or to a general page on your website. Always send an advertisement to a landing page that directly relates to the advertising copy, include benefit statements that talk about your product or service and include 1 call to action.

Are you guilty of this? Need more suggestions on how to increase conversion rates? Leave us a comment below.

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Disclaimer: I’m in no way affiliated with Domo, however I am a SDSU Alumni. I found these ads on LinkedIn while scrolling on my personal LinkedIn profile- I do not know the actual click-through rates or conversion of either of these advertisements however, the information I have written about are using general online marketing best practices for conversion rate optimization.

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