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I began my online marketing and social media career directly out of college. I began consulting and executing engaging social media campaigns for small businesses and promising startups, which increased brand awareness, engaged their target market, and created distinctive online brand personalities. With just my first full-scale social media campaign, I was able to grow a growing start-up business’ following from 100 followers to over 50,000 in one year.
Excited to pass on my knowledge of social media, I trained hundreds of CEOs and Executives on the importance of implementing online marketing and social media into their marketing mix, and creating innovative lead generation strategies to garner trackable business results. My expertise lies in helping business owners and marketers define a concrete online marketing strategy that will yield them the most success by helping them to create an authentic online persona, identify the marketing channels most likely to accomplish their online marketing goals, implement and guide marketing strategy, and analyze results in order to continue to improve campaigns over time.

I’m inquisitive and creative by nature and passionate about helping others achieve success for their business by creating meaningful online communities. Clients can always expect a thoughtful, creative, and hands on approach.